About Sidepon.com

The Story Behind Sidepon.com

I have love-hate relationship with RetailMeNot.com and other leading coupon code websites. Those websites help save me money, but their user interfaces are terrible! Having me click back-and-forth multiple "Tabs" and "Windows" between RetailMeNot.com and my shopping websites to try out coupon codes forced me to buy another monitor in 2010. I would have one screen with RetailMeNot.com opened, and another screen having the website that I am shopping at, just because of their poor UI.

I knew there must be a better solution for this, that's why I developed Sidepon.com. The idea is very simple - put coupon sidebar side-by-side on retail websites. Try out Sidepon.com and see yourself. Sidepon.com is in the very beginning stage of changing the way people shop online. Soon, Sidepon.com sidebar will show all users who are shopping online at particular retail site, and allow users to discuss deals and ask for advices real-time.